The Language Workshop

Free tutorials for all students

About us

The Language Workshop is free of charge and available to all students on the undergraduate and master’s levels, as well as to PhD students. We offer tutorials about written and oral presentations on an individual basis in both Swedish and English. All tutors at the Language Workshop have extensive experience in teaching academic writing and speech in different academic disciplines. We teach at the university and have different areas of expertise, including Swedish as a second language, English for international students, dyslexia, and study technique.

We also offer guidance to departments, faculties and other units at the university regarding the development of students’ communication training. For example, we are currently collaborating with the Department of Pharmacy, where we offer lectures about academic writing and support the students in their writing.


  • C. 1000 tutorials per year (and the number is growing)
  • Collaboration with various faculties and educational programs
  • Language workshops on location at Blåsenhus, BMC, Ekonomikum, and the Ångström Lab
  • Lectures about academic writing for both students and teachers
Last modified: 2021-03-04